Sunday, March 27, 2011

No going back

After C and S were voted off the family compound for repeated drug-induced intruder sightings and chases with knives and hammers, they moved into a beautiful old gray stone apartment. . .
They were invited to leave after two days for the same reason -- intruders coming through floorboards and heating vents. Midnight calls to the police, who finally, in frustration, held them in 'the tank' until his dad picked them up.
The next day, they were delivered to a boarded-up building in a bad neighborhood in Philadelphia, where they are today . . . as far as I know. The things they didn't take with them were loaded into a U-Haul and dropped off at Goodwill.
C has lost his car, his home, his access to funds and the trust of the people who love him.
If this isn't the bottom, I'd think he could see it from here.