Friday, June 26, 2009

Still captured

This crab was held captive between these rock walls by the waning tide on a New Jersey beach.

Impatient as he appeared, he had only to wait a little more than 12 hours for the incoming tide for his release.

Corey's tide won't come in for another week.

I'm hoping that this time in Orange County Central Men's Jail will instill in him an aversion to the place. And not just in Orange County.

He's been able to call collect every day, except yesterday, when some folks "acted up." I can't help but wonder what constitutes "acting up" when you're in jail. And I expect my phone bill will be accompanied by a security guard next month. I KNOW it's going to be impressive. At one point, my phone company refused to accept collect calls from OCJ any more. I prepaid to receive C's calls, and my credit card was compromised, and the $50 I'd prepayed went by in a day (maybe 20 minutes of talk).

He now calls my fax number collect. Maybe I'll get two security guards with the bill.

I don't think I've spoken to C every day since he was 14 and I lived with his dad. I like that part of his incarceration. But, I'm ready for him to be free of jail. And he seems resolved to never land there again.

Bring on the high tide.